to convince yourself

if you wish to


communication -vs- certification

understand what is more important and fix your priorities.any language is a skill and not a subject.

japanese is simple​

you will be surprised right from day one how easy it is to learn this beautiful language.all it takes is 120 - 150 hours.

no levels - no lessons - no books

whatever you wish to speak / read / write in japanese, you should be capable of doing it. we consider that the lowest and highest level.

motivation +|+ attitude |+ interest

after deciding to learn, these are the qualities which sail you through to reach your goals.



At trust tokyo,we believe every student should focus on attaining practical proficiency in the language followed by a certification.  Any course should meet this target.

At the end of any course you should be able to speak japanese. so every course we have will make you capable of good spoken japanese. Apart from that it depends on

  1. the reason you want to learn 
  2. the duration you have
  3. the area where your language skills are required 

All it takes is 2-3 weeks to speak basic japanese sentences. Professional level Japanese will consume somewhere between

  • between 06 – 12 months of your time @ one/two days per week
  • approximately 90 – 120 hours @ 2hrs/session


This is the quickest time period to learn Japanese and we shall be learning at rate faster than being taught in Japan.

Call us to understand the reasons for our confidence

In addition to classroom training, we now have Online Japanese Classes. 

You shall either opt for complete online courses or shall have the flexibility to also visit the classroom once a month.

All lessons will be provided through our website.

All you need is 30 minutes a day, twice a week to learn your required level of Japanese.

Every individual is different with their own sets of capabilities. We don’t believe in a factory model of education, delivering goods at the stipulated time. 

We take time to understand you and let you learn to their strengths.

In India, you have your own challenges and problems, and learning is not fun for everyone but a necessity out of compulsion. Even traffic time has to be taken into consideration.

We consider all the factors affecting you, like your work/college/school timings, shift timings, transit time, residential location, semesters, sickness, internships, project deadlines etc..

We try to give you breathing space and buffer time so that you will enjoy something you learn.

We are FLEXIBLE with the people who are RESPONSIBLE.  

We are more focussed on your spoken japanese capabilities before training you for JLPT examinations.

We keep getting calls every year from people who have passed to the extent of JLPT N2 and their worry about not being able to communicate still. 

So, our courses are designed to speak and practically be proficient. 

Every course caters to the JLPT and we are capable of helping you pass upto JLPT N2.

Find more information about JLPT here